Be your subconscious heat

Apparently I have been reading a book that has brought so much beauty about the mind.

I have learnt about the mind and it’s subconscious activities. Something we don’t know is that the brain tends to believe anything that it receives in the subconscious area.

So now where I’m I heading to???? Well I’m aiming at positive attitude and how important it is for one to achieve a great mindset.

Being positive isn’t all about being enthusiastic physically. Being positive is an inward appeal you feed your mind with.

An example: I have experienced situations where I have planned out how my day should go and how I would want everything looking like and when I visualize it…. Well there’s this bright feeling I get inside me it’s warm and I plan on achieving it no matter what……. but then here comes the anxiety and pressure and other internal and external forces that may seem like a hindrance to my goal.

So having this subconscious heat that was already generated before the obstacles came helps me achieve what I have in mind regardless of my situation and circumstance.

I have come to understand this theory helps in a lot goals attending to be met. Let me say from as small as a laundry task to as large as a career dream.

I have learnt subconsciously feeding your brain with positive affirms such as: you are smart or you are brave enough to achieve anything. Your mind doesn’t argue with you because for mental connections everything is taken in as truth.

Giving your subconscious mind a great positive heat through affirmations, little self-pep talks, reading positive books and watching positive movies or shows helps you get things achieved better and have better understanding of situations.

Remember to build your self positively as it will help you one day…….


It’s all in your head

So it’s a new month already… again and I am just as excited yet still on vacation. Well it came to my realisation that all these things that come to accomplishment start with the mind.

Most of us are looking forward to great plans been achieved looking forward to a new love and having greater success well I got to understand that the dancing floor is non other than our own minds

With a strong mindset and outstanding focus we are able to get through with almost anything once put our mind to it.

I really get excited when I explore and understand how our own minds work and how we could improve them….. as our bodies need nourishment so do our minds.

Few tips;

1. Put into consideration what you feed your mind with. Most of the time we feed ourselves with the most negative attitudes and later blame it on the world and the universe for it been unfair

2. Educate your mind feed it, let it grow probably through a new skill like art sport or music. It’s never too let to increase your mental skills

3. Get to understand yourself better . Don’t be too harsh in your self and let yourself grow in understanding that you are allowed to make mistakes. Embrace your failures and dreams both in the manner of them being your assets. Stand your ground and know your beliefs and principles and grow from there.

4. Lastly keep yourself healthy and balanced. Many people struggle with mental health issues and don’t take it seriously as much as the other health issues. Well as you should know the mental development is as important as the heart, lungs and kidney organs in our body. So I would encourage people to eat healthy , hydrate and if so find time to relax and breath.

Happy New month 💙